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Trail Days 2019

For many years, Trail Days has been an annual event in Damascus, Virginia, my home state. This year, the event was held on May 17-19. Some thru hikers avoid trail days while others leave the trail wherever they are to get to it. Many vLoggers have posted videos about Trail Days 2019.

Brant & Garvey posted a great video about 2019 Trail Days (Brant is a hiker, Garvey is his dog!). It looks like the weather was great and that a lot of vendors were there to share the latest in hiking gear and all things hiking and outdoors. Brant also has some good interviews with thru hikers.

As usual, there was a hiker parade with thru hikers from all years participating. You can find some videos on YouTube of the entire parade!

Of course, there was also a memorial service for the thru hiker who died on the trail, though this is not featured in Brant's video (you can find it in other videos on YouTube).

In all, it looked like a great year for Trail Days in Damascus!

Impassable Whites

Hawk (Craig Mains ) and T Rex are currently in Lincoln, New Hampshire in the White Mountains and have tried twice to climb Mt. Wolf to get to Kinsman Mountain (approximately mile 1807.2).

Snow hampered their first effort three days ago. They took a zero two days ago to equip themselves with snowshoes for a second attempt yesterday. Yesterday they tried again, but to no avail. The snow was still to deep on Wolf Mountain to be able to pass, and the pair only made it an additional 0.1 mile than the previous attempt.

On their way back down the mountain, they met hikers #3 & 4, Zorro & Feral (Hawk and T Rex are currently the northernmost two NOBOs). All four returned to the hotel in Lincoln. They are planning to skip up to Franconia Notch (about 16 miles up the trail) and do this section on the return trip (when the snow has melted). Since Hawk is doing a Yoyo, he will hike the 16 mile section twice.

Best of luck to the four hikers as they make their way north today!

What We Are Doing

In trying something new for Hiker Focus, we are starting a blog to organize all of the Highlights that are posted on the Hiker Focus site.

It is my hope that this will make everything a bit easier to keep up with on the site.

At this point in the year, most of the NOBOs have started along with some Flip Floppers. SOBOs should be starting early this summer. A lot of folks are on the trail. And unfortunately, some have even gotten off trail.

I hope you enjoy the new content and way to organize. As always, please contact us if you see anything that needs to be updated or if you know of a vLogger who could be added!

Tragedy on the AT 2019

Most of my highlights and updates are of a positive nature, but the recent news out of my home state of Virginia cannot be ignored.

Late Friday/Early Saturday, a man was apparently murdered on the AT north of Atkins, VA, and a woman was injured.

Ramdino released a very good video about the incident yesterday. And there is a good summary of events in the local online news articles here and here.

Our thoughts are with the injured hiker and the families of all involved, and we hope for a speedy recovery for the injured hiker.