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2019 Appalachian Trail

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Act old later

Trail Name: Act old Later

Start Date: 2/13/19?

Direction: NOBO

Approach Trail: No

Other: Hiked with Fred a/k/a 3 Mile


Other: Now hiking the CT

Appalachian Trail Raindancer

Trail Name: Raindancer

Start Date: March

Direction: NOBO

Approach Trail:

Other: Former 1999 thruhiker celebrating 20 year anniversary of last thruhike. Did a blog way back then in 1999 on Dan Wingfoot Bruce’s Trail journal website.

Pack: Old GoLite from 2010

Shelter: warmlite 2R

Footwear: OBOZ

Bag/Quilt: Nemo Salsa 15 degree bag

Pad: closed foam cell z-Rest

Artemis Hikes / Artemis on the Trail

Other: Videos were taken down or made private


Trail Name: Baskets

Start Date:

Direction: NOBO

Approach Trail:

Other: Thru hiked the AT NOBO in 2017; CDT in 2018


Other: Injured and planning on 2020

Bearded Servant Hiking North 2019

Trail Name: Bearded Servant

Start Date: March 9, 2019

Direction: NOBO

Approach Trail: "Did it in 2018 and if I can help it not doing it in 2019 unless I have to. "


Pack: ULA Circuit Orange

Shelter: Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2

Footwear: Altra Lone Peak 4.0

Bag/Quilt: REI Igneo 19 degree

Pad: Klymit Static V Insulated

Bobby and Breanna Trauffer

Other: May be posting videos late

Boho Berry on the AT

Plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture took her off the trail in April 2019

Booster Hikes

Other: May be posting videos late



Chase On the Trail

Trail Name:

Start Date:


Approach Trail: Yes

Other: Off the trail for family reasons - hiked to Gooch Gap

Chukar and Snot Thru Hikes

Other: attempted in 2018, vLogged on the Trek

Craig Mains

Trail Name: Hawk

Start Date: February 26, 2019

Direction: NOBO, then SOBO

Approach Trail:

Other: YoYo - NOBO completed along with the Long Trail; SOBO also now complete






Dave Braunlich

70 day thru hike

On May 24th, 2019 I set out to hike the entire Appalachian Trail in 70 days. I am an ultrarunner. I started training specifically for this project in December 2018 by setting the unsupported FKT on the NJ section of the AT, finishing three 50-mile ultramarathons and one 100k, and running upwards of 100 miles per week. The challenge of doing the AT fast and seeing what my mind and body are capable of is extremely motivating.

Dudley DoRight on the AT

Trail Name: Dudley DoRight and Dyna Mite

Start Date: February 17, 2019

Other: Off the Trail due to Foot Issues (preexisting peripheral neuropathy). May return if a workable pain solution is found.


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