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A quick update from me--Swatsullivan. I have been maintaining and updating this site because of my passion for the outdoors, the Appalachian Trail, and the thru hiking community in general. But I have been extremely busy at work and at home lately with professional and family obligations which obviously must come before hobbies such as this one! And there seem to be more hikers than ever this year. Keeping up with everyone is of course impossible for one person, let alone in one's spare time.

I apologize for not being able to keep the content more up to date here at hikerfocus. I am beginning to make all the updates that I can. If you see something or someone specific that needs updating, please email me. I love to hear from fellow AT hikers and enthusiasts and always enjoy talking about all things AT! Hikers, feel free to email me your gear so I can enter that on your hiker bio. I may also be rolling out a better system of "highlights" so you can search them or see prior entries.

Thanks for visiting my site. And as always, "happy hiking"!!

Outdoor Adventures

A very prolific YouTube hiking vLogger, Outdoor Adventures, has started the AT and posted 3 videos to date. His videos are delayed 1-2 weeks for editing purposes, he says in his 3rd video.

"Frozen" is making big miles and his videos are really well done and fun to watch!

Check them out and support him along his journey!

Artemis Heading NOBO

In the past week, there have been a number of NOBO starts or NOBOs who had previously started but who have started posting videos. Artemis on the Trail has posted 2 videos of her journey up through Neels Gap.

Artemis is the hiker who designed logos for Ramdino's channel before she left on her thru hike.

Her videos are extremely well done and entertaining. Be sure to check them out!

Underdog 2019!!!

Underdog (or UD) hiked to Harpers Ferry in 2018 with Tractor, but decided to stop and hike the rest of the way in 2019 with Tractor from Harpers Ferry.

But in a "twist" for his viewers, UD headed out from Springer on February 6, 2019 to attempt a 2019 AT thru hike, planning to meet Tractor in Harper's Ferry on April 15.

Hear all the details in UD's latest videos!!