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2021 Appalachian Trail

vLogs & Thru Hikers


Despite the weather and COVID-related issues, many folks have already started their thru hikes, including many vLoggers. One couple who has started is the Blazin Bakers. The Bakers attempted to thru hike last year but had to get off trail due to COVID "when trailheads were officially closed in TN, NC, and Virginia". So they are trying again this year. They have put out two videos of their hike so far, including the approach trail.

Both last year and this year, the ATC has asked thru and long distance hikers to stay home and not thru hike. On the most recent episode of Backpacker Radio (Episode #95), Andy Downs of the ATC discusses the ATC's stance with respect to thru hiking (or long distance hiking on) the AT and COVID-19. Andy Downs is a past AT thru hiker and is very well spoken in setting forth the position of the ATC on several issues including COVID-19. Downs said the ATC took the decision very seriously. There are still many questions surrounding vaccines, distribution, and differing rules in each state through which the AT passes. Check out the podcast for all the details!

It's a new year, and we are almost at the end of January. Quite a few vLoggers have started their 2021 thru hikes! One very interesting channel features a family thru hiking together. The Suttons (YouTube Channel Live Sutton) have put two videos out so far.

They are thru hiking with their 4 year old son (Little Man). As if thru hiking the Appalachian Trail wasn't challenging enough!! Seeing the trail through the eyes of a 4 year old is a pretty cool experience.

Hopefully COVID restrictions will ease and thru hiking will become easier to coordinate than it was last year. Meanwhile, we will be following along with the Suttons and all the others!

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